I design interfaces.

I develop websites.

My only aim: quality.


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I’m Sergio Soci, UI designer & Creative developer Freelance based in Milan.

Born on February 24th 1988. I grew up with bread and Nutella, Apple, Windows, books, videogames, movies and computer setups. I transformed a big chunk of my passion into work, and that’s why I love to do it. Knowing that everyday, I design with the best tools available, I help user experience creating interfaces utilized by thousands of people, makes me wake up with a smile.

I mutate brainstorming ideas (strictly with background music) into UI intuitive and well-performing projects. I optimize processing times with a fair compromise between the means, thanks to my wide experience.

I can’t go without:
Partners and collaborations

I design

Heart-felt designer since my childhood, I transformed this passion into web digital art.

Following the web and mobile standard, I design interfaces reaching out to the limit and when possible, to brake the rules and innovate.


Yes, I’m also a developer!

My interest for the web brought me to visit online community and forum. Web-surfing nourished my curiosity and this brought me to became a forum’s moderator and then to found my own. The next step was creating my first html pages. The spark that ignited the flame.

The knowledge of being designer and developer of my project, allows me to achieve exactly the desired objective, without sparing any pixels. This ensures me to satisfied the client’s needs. Always.

I can’t go without:
*In collaboration with agency Nadler Larimer & Martinelli and Alberto Pozzi

I develop

Thanks to the excellent plugin community support  of WordPress and its scalability, I can satisfy any management needs, creating custom fields and post types, without losing creative freedom, developing custom themes and using the least amount of code necessary for the functioning of the project. Total directive and update autonomy.

Favorite browser:
*In collaboration with agency Nadler Larimer & Martinelli and Alberto Pozzi
*In collaboration with agency Nadler Larimer & Martinelli and Alberto Pozzi


My diary is only available in Italian... for now